Gear Inspection

Gear inspection is an essential part of the gear manufacturing process to ensure accurate, high-quality products. Gear inspection services should be performed by trained personnel who specialize in gear inspections and should be part of every gear manufacturing process.

At Brelie Gear, we take tremendous pride in the quality and reliability of our gears. To uphold our commitment to quality, we employ precision gear inspection services that encompass a comprehensive array of operations. Our gear inspection specialists and technically qualified employees, supported by rigorous and meticulous processes, ensure that we consistently deliver precise, superior-quality gears at a cost-effective rate. Our accurate and dependable equipment ensures that your products meet the most demanding performance requirements.

Processes and Capabilities:chevron

Our climate-controlled inspection laboratories house cutting-edge equipment held to the highest accuracy standards, whether inspecting to AGMA, DIN, or ISO standards. Our Kapp Niles KNM2X and Zeiss Prismo CMM are both capable of measuring intricate gear tooth typography – including lead, involute profile, MOP size, pitch variation, run-out, and total composite. In addition we maintain a diverse selection of master gears to use on our numerous Vari Roll composite gear testers.

Gear Inspection Equipment We Use:chevron

1-Kapp Niles KMN 2X GMM Analytical Gear Inspection (2020)

1-Zeiss Prismo CMM w/integrated rotary table and Gear Pro (2012)

1-Vari Roll w/ Vari PC (2016)

1-Mitutoyo PH-3500 Optical Comparator

5-Vari-Roll Gear Testers w/Master Gears

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