Worms – Limit: .250” – 2.50”

Pitch: 8 DP – 180 DP

Worms are the helical screw-like components of a worm gear that engage with the toothed wheels. The worm plays a crucial role in reducing gear ratios and transmitting rotational motion between non-intersecting shafts. Known for their efficiency and self-locking capability, the worm’s unique design prevents back-driving and enhances stability. This makes worms ideal in applications requiring precise control, such as steering systems, elevators, conveyor systems, and various other industrial and automotive settings.

To uphold our high-quality standards at Brelie Gears, we’re constantly investing in specialized, cutting-edge, gear cutting machines. This helps ensure that we are delivering precision, traditional and custom worms for optimal performance across a wide range of applications and industries.

In addition to our hobbing and machining capabilities, we also provide finishing processes for our worms, including heat treatment and carbide rehobbing.

Whether it’s prototyping or large-scale production runs, we offer just-in-time deliveries to meet your needs.

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